Momentum | The marketing podcast for photographers

Momentum | The marketing podcast for photographers

Do you want more freedom to do the things you love in business and in life? Join your host Nate Grahek a portrait photographer and entrepreneur, each week we interview and learn from the most successful and inspiring photographers in our industry. Bringing you proven and innovative business strategies you can use to shift the momentum in your own photography business.

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    Dani Diamond | Treat Your Photography Business Like a Business

    Dani Diamond, a NYC based fashion photographer and educator, is on the show today to talk about how he answers the question, "Should I become a portrait photographer?"

    His refreshingly honest response is not what you might expect!

    Dani also shares marketing tips and advice for slow seasons that will help you run your photography business profitably.

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    Scott Wyden | The Importance of Having a Lead Generation Strategy

    Today we have Scott Wyden on the show. Scott is the Chief Community Officer at Imagely and has been a professional portrait photographer for over 20 years.

    The industry has changed a lot in that time, and today Scott joins me to share how his lead generation system keeps him busy — actually providing him with so many leads that he has enough to share with his photographer friends!

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    Tyann Marcink | Getting Started with Vacation Rental Photography

    I'm excited to have Tyann Marcink back on the show today. It's been a while since we've talked and I'm excited for you to hear how her Vacation Rental Photography Business has grown and where it's taken her. Tyann is the industry expert and she has some great tips that will help you expand your business into this profitable and fun niche.

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    Marco Ibanez | Building a Photography Business Based on Passion & Simplicity

    On today's show, we have Marco Ibanez, an award-winning boudoir photographer and photography educator from the metro Washington DC area. Marco has an inspirational story to share about a tragedy that changed his life and shaped the way he runs his business. Marco shares how he built a thriving boudoir photography business based on passion and simplicity.

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    Nina Larsen Reed | The Benefits of Having a Hyper-Niche

    Earlier this year, I met Nina Larsen Reed at WPPI. I instantly liked her and new that I had to have her on the show. Nina is passionate about education, quotes the same books I do, and has only been a professional photographer for four years. And this was actually just her first year photographing weddings. She set a modest goal of booking 10 for the year. By March, she'd already booked 22! How impressive and exciting is that?

    Be sure to tune in to hear how she launched her wedding business, why having a hyper-niche is so important, and how she converts Instagram followers into clients.

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    Shaun Gordon | Albums are the Path to Creating a Sustainable Photography Business

    Today, we're excited to have KISS Books CEO and Founder, Shaun Gordon on the show.

    Before starting Kiss, Shaun was a wedding photographer for 15 years and had photographed over 500 weddings. His past and present experiences give him a unique perspective on the industry and I'm excited to share our discussion with you today.

    He has some great tips and shares easy to implement marketing tactics that some of the industries most successful photographer are using to sell albums and build thriving businesses.

    KISS is offering our listeners $150 off of a $250+ sample order with the code stickykiss. Offer expires 12/31/18.

    Kiss Books:

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    Brooke Summer | How to Use Email Marketing to Build Trust, Create Desire, and Book Ideal Clients

    Brooke Summer is a boudoir photographer, educator, and overall marketing genius based in Denver, CO.

    She’s also one of the most strategically-minded photographers I’ve ever met. As the founder of Business Straight Up, Brooke teaches professional photographers and creative entrepreneurs how to think differently about business — especially in their marketing.

    What makes Brooke unique is that she’s also a full-time photographer… which means she actually practices what she teaches.

    I was so pumped to have her on the show to talk about: -How she integrates her website and email marketing into one unified strategy; -How email marketing has helped her book the right type of clients that don’t balk at her prices; and -How she teaches email subscribers to take action.

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    Todd Watson | Photography Website Essentials

    Today Todd Watson, Co-Founder and CEO of Showit is on the show. Todd has been helping photographers create beautiful websites that book their ideal clients for 12 years and today, he's here to share his thoughts on what's working with photography websites, blogging, and marketing in the photography industry.

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